‘Practical’ Blogs About the Island Houses

How it all started
The island houses were born from a love of architecture and interior design. we built our first boutique house like a hobby; a quiet, private home for our friends and family to recharge. our private land enabled us to keep taking on new projects – each home with its own unique theme and design.

After a few years, we had so many private villas in such unique locations; we couldn’t wait to share them with the world. that’s where we are now. a collection of private boutique villas, each with their own garden and pool, located in the ‘diamond area’ of seminyak, in bingin right by impossible beach, and the gili island house on gili meno right on the beach.

Thanks to a team of brilliant staff, the island houses moved from hobby to a well-run professional business, and during your stay you’ll notice the love, kindness and personal approach in every single detail.

At the island houses, our aim is to make you feel at home, just with a little more luxury. our staff is around, but never intrusive. your private villa will be cleaned once a day to make sure your house, garden and pool are spic and span, for you to enjoy your privacy and comfort the rest of the day.

Whenever you need something – be it breakfast, laundry or transport rental – our staff is within reach to help you wherever we can. we accommodate you with everything you need to get you going, and it’s up to you how you’d like to shape your stay.

Your boutique home might be a sanctuary you never want to leave, however we warmly propose to explore the amazing bali surroundings. see the sunset on the beach, or rent a scooter to cruise wherever the wind takes you. this goes hand-in-hand with the assertiveness we love in indonesian culture.







At the island houses, we truly love our staff. in all of our boutique homes, in seminyak, bingin and gili meno, we’ve had the same local team of housekeeping and gardeners for many, many years.

Our staff is kind and helpful, but never intrusive. enjoy your privacy and let us know if you need anything. each house has its own manager, who will be your point of contact during your stay.

We care for your privacy and try to work around you. whenever possible, we wait until you leave the house before we enter, so we can tidy up while you’re away. however, we make sure there’s always someone available.

Around our seminyak homes, the gardener arrives as 7am and leaves at 7pm. housekeeping is around from 8am to 6pm. security arrives at 7pm and leaves at 7am, when the gardeners arrive. the general manager of the seminyak villas is yudi.

At our bingin impossible beach house, staff is available to help from breakfast to 6pm. if you’d like us to serve dinner too, just let us know. the manager of the impossible beach house is ramden.

At our gili meno luxury beach villa, staff is present from breakfast till 6pm, serving dinner upon request. additionally, your crusoe house staff lives just around the back – so if you need anything outside these hours, they are within reach. the manager of the crusoe beach house is dion.







All of our island houses are designed to be a tranquil luxury getaway, and we provide service by that same mantra. enjoy your privacy while knowing that our staff is always around to help if you need them. for all of our private villas in seminyak, bingin and gili meno, here’s an impression of the service you can expect:

  • airport pickup upon arrival
  • complimentary breakfast on the first day to get you started
  • all other days, our staff is available to prepare breakfast from the groceries you provide
  • daily cleaning
  • arrange scooter/car rentals
  • dinner at the house upon request

Any other request? please ask, our staff will help wherever they can. we look forward to making your bali vacation one to never forget.