desu house

the desu house

The most exotic and eclectic home of seminyak Surround yourself in bohemian, vintage, summer atmospheres at the desu house, one of the most charming and colourful island houses in seminyak. there is no other place like the desu house, featuring unique hand-picked interiors ruled by middle eastern elegance, colonial style and tropical charm. it is […]

the pandan house

Oasis of seminyak The pandan house certainly is the most romantic, intimate and cozy holiday homes of the island houses. tucked in a charming white-painted wooden house, the pandan house in perfectly cozy and tropical, creating the perfect love nest and refuge for couples on a romantic getaway to bali island. located in the heart […]
the impossible beach house

the impossible beach house

A tropical wooden beach house perched on the rocks right by the seaside… sounds idyllic and impossible at the same time, doesn’t it? like a house in a fairy tale book or a science fiction movie, the impossible beach house has won against all odds. designed by the owners themselves and hand built from scratch […]

the crusoe beach house

The crusoe beach house has all the aspects of a tropical home you may have stayed at in your dreams, far away from everything and everyone. located right by the sea on the little island gili meno, there is no traffic around whatsoever. the only sounds you will hear are those of the sea, the […]

3 reasons to stay at the island houses

For those travelers and holidayers seeking a unique, traditional, tropical and luxurious boutique house in bali or on lombok’s little gem gili meno, the island houses make wonderful getaway places for you and your loved ones to call home during your stay in exotic Indonesia. let’s take a closer look at what makes the island houses bali […]

‘Practical’ Blogs About the Island Houses

How it all started The island houses were born from a love of architecture and interior design. we built our first boutique house like a hobby; a quiet, private home for our friends and family to recharge. our private land enabled us to keep taking on new projects – each home with its own unique […]

Gili Meno

We don’t mean to brag, but chances are that if we hand you a blank canvas and some brushes, and ask you to paint out your perfect beach holiday: the gili meno house is it. The gili islands are located just off the coast of northern lombok, and consist of three: teeny tiny gili air, […]

Cafe Bali

Location, location! café bali is set on populair ‘eatstreet’ laksmana, right in the middle of seminyak. it’s a 5 minute ride or 15 minute walk from our seminyak private villas. you can’t miss it from the grand logo on the façade, and the interior is just as spectacular. it’s a cozy mix of wood, warm […]

Revolver Espresso

If you know your coffee, you will love Revolver Espresso. Located in an alley right off popular Laksmana street, it is only a ten minute walk from our Seminyak houses. You might recognize the logo from the complimentary coffee on the kitchen counter in your private villa; that’s how much we love them. Revolver uses […]