life is about moments

the art of fine living
the individually designed island houses are ideal for those wishing to stay in a piece of paradise for an incredible vacation. a world apart from everyday life, simple luxury, in exceptional locations.
the desu house seminyak bali

find your own muse

discover our incomparable sanctuaries
each beach house has got a magic entirely of its own. from our beach houses overlooking the indian ocean, to nice homes with private pool peacefully hidden away in the heart of seminyak district.

here you find your inner calm

find your own rhythm
at our secluded beach houses you collect moments of beauty rather than business cards. away from the normal routine, you can unwind, find your own rhythm and enjoy life in its purest form.
about the island houses
about the island houses

enjoy life in its purest form

we will take care of the rest
our lovely staff will make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible and allowing you to find yourself and the essence of your personal art of fine living.
the island houses
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